Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle

Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle in Rockford IL

If you love an off-road proficient vehicle or anything that shows off with unique styling, you’ll be drooling over the Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle. This quirky, capable SUV waves goodbye to classic curvy, car-inspired styling in favor of boxy, bold styling. Four doors make it easy for the whole crew to join in on an off-road adventure in this four-wheel drive crossover, but modern styling allows the back doors to blend in with the sporty silhouette, which includes rugged overfenders and large tires ready to venture off the pavement.

Inside, the Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle has a spacious and versatile space that can be used for passengers and cargo alike. The rear seats fold flat in order to make room for all your gear, and the rear cargo floor slides out to provide even more space. Topside tracks allow you to secure cargo, while the Multi-Hatch rear door provides easy access, with the ability to both swing open or fold up like a classic hatchback.

With a distinct exterior design, a spacious, versatile interior, and an off-road ready, highly capable performance, the Toyota FT-4X Concept Vehicle could be the perfect new crossover for those looking for something that can travel effortlessly both on and off the pavement.

Pay tribute to the progressive direction that Toyota is pursuing with the FT-4X Concept Vehicle when you stop by Ken Nelson Toyota to take a new 2020 model for a test drive.


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